3 Easy Steps to Hiring an Influencer.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

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How do you hire an influencer to help you build brand awareness? You’ve read the articles, you’ve looked at the 2019 marketing trends and you’re finally convinced it’s time to add an influencer marketing strategy into your marketing plan. So, what’s next? Hiring an influencer isn’t as easy as posting a Help Wanted sign in your window…it requires thought, time and effort.

There are three key steps to hiring an influencer:

  1. Set a budget

  2. Do your research

  3. Negotiate

Let’s talk budget. Probably the least glamorous part of any marketing campaign is deciding how much money you’re willing to spend. However, before you can make that call, there are a few questions that need to be answered.

1. What do you hope to achieve?

Is the purpose of your influencer campaign to gain more Instagram followers or are you looking to increase Twitter engagement? Narrowing down your campaign goals is essential. Your budget is likely to grow with the size of your goal.

2. Is this a short-term campaign or a long-term relationship?

Do you need the influencer to push a specific product launch or are you looking to build a long-lead story? Your campaign can be as quick and easy as a singular timeline post or a year long partnership inclusive of posts, videos and blogs. The choice is yours - just be sure your budget can handle the timeline.

3. What are the expectations and terms of the partnership?

Create a list of deliverables and be sure to clearly identify the full campaign expectations so both you and the influencer understand the scope of the project. This should also include how you plan to measure ROI. User engagement, impressions and follower counts are some ways to measure campaign success.

The answers to these questions will help you to establish the value of the campaign and how much money you should be setting aside for each influencer campaign.

However, influencers are not one size fits all. To get the most of your influencer experience, seek an influencer that fits your company image/culture and will organically push your brand message without it feeling like a sales pitch. Consumers today are all about authenticity, so an organic approach that is more inviting is more likely to yield positive results.

And similarly to how influencers are not one size fits all, neither are their payment options. It’s not always all about the money. Influencers need to generate new content in order to remain relevant to their audience. This means they may need you as much as you need them. Remember, this is a partnership after all. Be prepared to negotiate compensation. Some influencers prefer trade, while others will accept payment for results or charge a flat fee per post.

Whatever you decide, make sure you discuss what your goals are before locking anything in.

Does hiring an influencer still seem like a daunting task? Contact our team for a free consultation and we’ll help you Fig It Out!