Staying Relevant: Audience.

Updated: Jan 7

In this mine field of online Marketing we currently live in how do you stay relevant?

As customers, we know all too well the feeling of being bombarded with marketing and advertising materials. Drive down the street, see a billboard. Login to Facebook, served up an ad immediately. Scroll through your Instagram feed, suddenly a sponsored post is in your midst. It’s an advertising epidemic and we’re all participants.

In this over-saturated market, making sure you can stand apart from the competition is essential. As a Business trying to be seen in this ocean of information delivered daily to your target market, what does set apart a relevant Ad that gets the click from those that simply get scrolled over?

The complete answer may not be simple, but it is obvious and can be answered with one question: Who are these products and services going to? People!

As a marketer, you must return to the basics of a question like this.

You really need to know and understand your customer. We’re not talking about a google search or a quick social media creep. We’re talking about going full on stalker mode and spending time walking in their shoes. Get amongst that person or group of people. Notice what they wear, what their conversations are about and what the common thread is between them. Listen to what they are saying. What are they looking for that seems to be missing in your competitors’ offerings?

Once you feel like you’ve reached master stalker level, go back and take time to create an individual that represents this target market. Your customer avatar, if you will. Get so specific that you give this individual a name. Let’s use Bob, for example. After your extensive research and data collection, you will know that Bob: “likes to wear a polo shirt with Blue jeans and black shoes and he is wishing for car companies to stop false advertising” for example.

We jokingly talk about “stalking” your customers, but in all seriousness, we can’t express how important it truly is to completely and fully absorb your audience so you can cater to their exact wants and needs. Your ads are only relevant if the people you are targeting find them relevant!

This is not an easy task, we know that. Which is why we’re here to offer you our help. You’re busy trying to run a business…data collection may not be where you focus your time and that’s totally cool! FIG can do that for you, fast and furious!

Let’s talk about how we can make your marketing work for you.