Social Media for the Small Business.

Managing personal social media accounts can be overwhelming at times. Constantly refreshing your timeline feeds, trying keep up with Aunt Susan’s herb garden, your cousin Stacey’s five kids and Jeremy’s backpacking Bali trip. The double-tapping never stops! Now, imagine you’re running a small business. Not only are you trying to manage your business, but now you’ve got the double whammy of a personal plus a business social media presence to juggle. Yikes!

When you’re out here trying to do the most, it can be hard to find time to keep all cylinders moving. Now, *prepare for shameless plug*, this is where FIG can step in and help guide your social media to where it needs to go. One less thing on your plate, so you can focus on your operations as a whole. However, at FIG, we understand that not all small businesses have the means to outsource. We get the start-up struggle. And because we know all too well what you might be experience, we want to give our FIG fam a little gift.

Social media requires more than just “posting”. We’re not going to get into the nitty gritty here…that’s another post for another time. For now, let’s skip past the strategy and conceptual planning and go straight to the meat. The content.

If you’re starting small, you probably don’t have the means to pay a photographer or graphic designer for crazy creative visual content. While having a professional content creator would be nice, guess what? It’s not necessary! Insert our gift to you. We’re sharing some of our favorite social media photo editing apps that will have you feeling like you just graduated from the Art Institute with a graphic design degree.

Word Swag

  • This app allows you to easily generate type designs. They offer a library of free photos or you can upload your own. Then it’s off to the typography races. Choose from an array of text options, colors and photo filters. We love using this for quick and easy promotional graphics.


  • We love to use Unfold for creating cohesive Instagram stories. With free templates, as well as in-app template purchases, you can create fun and engaging content that will look streamlined and clean instead of clunky and unprofessional. We would spring for some of the upgraded templates. For $1-$2 a package, it’s worth it for the variety.


  • A tried and true favorite, Canva boasts over 60,000 templates that include platform-specific sizing, infographics, presentations, brochures and business cards. Essentially, if you want to create it, Canva has a template for you. Upload your own images, or choose from their free library and get editing! You can pick apart every little detail – adding and subtracting as needed. If templates aren’t your jam, feel free to pop in your own dimensions and go to town!


  • For the video editing beginner, Ripl will be your new go-to app. There is a free option, but the upgrade to Pro is worth the extra spend. Simply select your post size, insert your text and begin customizing your fonts, colors, background…even add music! Again, there are plenty of template options to choose from, which takes the guess work out of the design for you.

Try some of these editing apps the next time you’re generating content for your pages and let us know which one is your favorite!