So You Think You Need a Rebrand?

You’re considering a new look for your brand...out with the old in with the new.

After all, we all need a fresh start sometimes, right? While it can seem like a complete revamp of your brand may be necessary, you need to consider this question:

When is a rebrand a good idea and when should you approach with caution?

Here are three reasons why you should consider a rebrand:

1. You can’t define your differentiator.

Well, if you can’t say what you sets yourself apart from your competition, how will your customers? If you’re not standing out in the market and differentiating yourself from your competitors, then refreshing your brand might be in order.

2. Your brand no longer aligns with your company.

Sometimes we grow and change, but our brands don’t follow suit. Do you feel that your brand has become more serious or maybe more playful as you’ve matured as a business owner? If you answered “YES”, refreshing your identity is probably not a bad idea. However, keep in mind that it’s best to evolve your already established identity to catch up in favor or bringing in something completely new.

3.  There is a disconnect between your brand and your customers.

Maybe you know who your customer is, but your brand no longer meets their wants and needs. Or maybe you thought that Alex was your customer, but you’ve discovered that the person who really loves your product is actually Jane. Refreshing your identity so that Jane can identify with and find you might be the way to go.

*We feel a moral obligation to provide you with a word of caution:

Your brand equity is something you should take very seriously. Whenever you’re considering a rebrand, tread lightly and remember how far consumers will go for the brands they love. Research shows that the anthropomorphism of brands is real, people!

Think about when the credits come on after the series finale of your favorite show you’ve been following for the past eight years. That bottomless pit in your gut is what your most loyal fans feel when they don’t recognize your brand anymore. *Le Sigh* The New Coke experiment of the 1980’s is the perfect example of this phenomenon. Google it. Trust us.

The key takeaway here is that even if the time comes for a rebrand, you should not view it as throwing out your old identity and completely transforming into something new. Your brand should always be an expression of what is already inherent in your company and, most importantly, connect with your customers. Bring out your natural beauty, baby!

Not sure if a rebrand is right for you? Let’s talk it out.