Ride the Wave of Change.

Change. It’s a word not everyone can readily accept. It comes in many forms, at many unsolicited times and you’re either with it or putting your dukes up ready to fight and hold steady ground. But some fights just aren’t worth fighting, FIG fam. And this reigns especially true when it comes to your business.

You know we love a good example, so let’s take a trip down the lane to Pepsi Co. Pepsi made its fortune off of the artificial, the sugary, and the fattening. Three terms that would make today’s millennial generation gasp in straight up horror. With the health-conscious shift our society has taken, the “change” if you will, do you think Pepsi hunkered down with a family size  bag of Fritos and Big Gulp of carbonated sugar? Nope! The mega-brand embraced the health change! They’ve added a sugar-free flavored water and pH balanced water to the line up. Competitors beware - this brand isn’t going down without a fight. Not only did Pepsi add healthier beverage options, but they reported $16.5 billion in revenue last quarter. Turns out, riding thee change wave can actually boost the bank roll and no business person could ever be mad about that.

If a mega-brand like Pepsi can turn what could have been a tragedy into a profit, so can you! All it takes is a flexible mindset, understanding your customer climate and a solid strategy. Remember when everyone thought it would be nutty if a plastic card was used in place of paper cash? Or when self-driving vehicles were only a cartoon, Jetson’s-esque dream? Welcome to 2019, people! Where anything is possible and you either need to get on the wave or get furiously pummeled into the sand.

Lucky for you, FIG loves a good challenge, a deep audience dive and was even created out of a need for change. If you struggle with the word, come talk to us. We can work with you to make change less intimidating and more, dare we say, lovable.