That’s right, we created our own word. This is a FIG blog. PR-ategy combines the best of public relations and our favorite word: STRATEGY. We love it so much, we built a company around it. Google dictionary defines it as “a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.'' We describe it as a real life plan of action to get s!%* done. Mic drop!’s much easier to remember.

Here’s a thought for you - What if we stopped looking at PR as a way to get publicity and instead devised a plan to increase brand awareness that included publicity? I know you might think it’s the same thing. Surprise! It isn’t. See, you need us more than you think! One approach is more reactive while the other is a part of a well planned strategy. The reality is, we’re all in the brand awareness business: we sell our clients, products or services to increase revenue, but we don’t necessarily consider ourselves “brand ambassadors” do we? That’s exactly what a publicist is - a brand ambassador, just specifically tailored for media. 

FIG believes that creating a synergy between the two (still talking public relations and strategy) yields a much better result with a consistent brand message. Try this. The next time you’re laying out your marketing plans for the following quarter, year or however your company operates, think about the events, changes, additional services, new products, etc. that you know will fall in that timeframe and make PR part of your initial planning. 

Are you launching a new product on April 20? Well, don’t start thinking about media April 1 (if you do, you’re a fool). Start your PR-ategy planning by setting the date and also include the target for media conversations. When do you need to start pitching, sending samples, etc? Answer those questions and tie it in with your ad buys, social planning and special events for a kick-ass calendar designed to keep you ahead of the game instead of reactive. Say it with us, “Proactive, not Reactive.”

I know this seems borderline insulting because it’s so basic, but the simplest tasks are often the hardest. And...we obviously have our reasons for sharing this (but we’re classy professionals, so no name dropping gossip here pals).

Moral of this story: don’t get caught slipping. Develop a PR-ategy and make it part of your company marketing plan, or call us...we tend to geek-out over some strategy.