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New Year, New FIG!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

A word from our founder:

Most of us couldn’t wait to put last year in the rearview, and at FIG we feel you. 2020 definitely delivered its own suspense movie styled plot twists to our boutique firm. But before we write it off as the worst year in history, we need to thank 2020. We’ve all had to take a deep look into our organizations as well as our personal lives and acknowledge we can do better. As a storyteller, I look at it as the right time to shift to our “why?”

Ask yourself why. Why do you continue to support people, companies, and organizations that don’t deserve your loyalty? Is it because we’re too lazy to find a replacement? Or maybe we haven’t been paying attention? Either way now is the perfect time to start asking “why” about everything. As one of the only black, woman-owned creative agencies in the country, it’s about even more. I believe it’s time for us to suit up and fight the good fight.

So this year, FIG levels up.

And big time.

We’ve always been a vocal and employee centered company, but this year we’re taking it a step further and focusing on values. Not only our values but the values of the clients we represent and the organizations we partner with. If you take your values and your employees as seriously as we do, you have a friend in FIG. If you don’t, well...we aren’t friends. If you were one of those companies that posted a black fist or allowed your clueless PR agency to convince you to post a statement your company does not stand behind to avoid the appearance of looking racist - you are no friend to anyone and FIG will call you on your bullshit.

If you’re an organization that claims to uplift, support, and empower women, yet tone polices members to satisfy your shortcomings or insecurities, you are a direct enemy of FIG. Read that again, an enemy. If you lead one of these organizations and claim that you have a DEI program in place, yet that translates into minorities working in labor positions while your board seats show the truth, and you continue to turn a blind eye, please understand the days of all talk and no show are over. You and your organization will be called to the carpet.

I have had it. Leaders have responsibilities and so do brands. Values and culture should be taken seriously. Period. People make decisions on which brands they will give their hard-earned money to based on how they align with their personal values - you no longer get to lie about it and get away with it. At least not with FIG.

And if this offends you, GOOD. You’re likely one of those companies or organizations that lies to their customers and doesn’t give a damn about their employees or members. We view this as the ultimate betrayal of trust and will therefore call you out. Not sorry. Your employees deserve better. Your customers deserve better. Your members deserve better. So do better! 2021 is the year of action.

Happy Figgin’ New Year.


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