Marketing on St. Patrick's Day?

Have you ever noticed that St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest marketing gold striking holidays for most businesses? With 52.3% of Americans celebrating this year, businesses seek to make their products greener & make their customers feel lucky! Here’s three tactics you can use this St. Paddy’s Day to reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:

Talking Green

  • The simplest & most effective way to make your business stand out this holiday is to go green! For online businesses, decorating your website with a green atmosphere or putting special emphasis on green products will appeal to consumers. If applicable, adding the holiday spirit to social media pages will also give your business attention. Plenty of customers in the Holiday spirit will appreciate the so-bad-they’re-good designs; funny signs, slogans, or images. Get creative with it & give your platform some Irish charm.

Run a St. Paddy’s Day Promotion

  • If it makes sense for your business, run a St. Patrick’s Day Promotion! There’s few thing shoppers love like a good ol’ sale. This could be used in store or for online platforms. Add a 17% off sale on select products in tradition with the March 17th holiday. You can attach shamrocks to stand out on your website and grab the attention of those looking to celebrate the holiday. Another great way to attract customers is to put all products in green on sale or in their own section to distinguish them.

Good Luck Charms

  • This is the time for good luck! Use social media to your advantage. You can connect with consumers by posting fun, St. Paddy’s day inspired recipes, decorations, outfit ideas, or Irish food & cocktails. Engage with the Irish spirit using the #StPatricksDay hashtag that will be trending on the holiday. This will give you the perfect opportunity to share relevant content about your business. Another good luck charm; Employee Engagement. Spread the joy by getting your employees in on the fun too. You can have them show their holiday spirit by wearing green; using props, pins or hats to spice up their attire. You can host contests or games within the office for a fun way to celebrate. Whatever you choose, get creative and meet with your staff to cook up ways to connect with your consumers for beneficial results.

With a thought-out St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaign and a little luck, you too can tap into this $5.6 billion market.

Have a great St. Patricks Day & reach the pot of gold this holiday!