Make NO Your New Favorite Word.

We grow up being taught that the word “no” is a bad word and that when we say it we somehow let the person down. Well, that’s bull! “No” is one of the most powerful words in everyone’s vocabulary and for good reason. Using the word reminds us of who’s in control of our decisions, our time and quite frankly, it keeps us honest because most of the things we say “yes” to aren’t even things we want to be involved in. For example, do you really want to spend your Saturday morning watching uncoordinated three year olds dancing around in ballet recital? Hey, if you do, go for it. But if not, say no and be ok with it. Below are five reasons we think “no” should become your new favorite word.

Accountability. This is a two-way street which is why it’s at the top of our list. Once you’ve let someone know what you won’t do, they have to be accountable on their end in regards to moving forward. This applies to both business and personal relationships and is critical to success. 

Expectations. Setting proper expectations is something we could all be better about. Without the word “no,” it can be the Wild Wild West (and we aren’t referring to the Will Smith Movie). While the average person hates to hear the word “no,” most people respect being told the truth and knowing what to expect. 

Clarity. Make it plain. Staying focused is always the name of the game because without it you could end up giving the house away. Clarity reminds us of why we do what we do and what we hope to gain or accomplish as a result. Naturally this means you’ll have to say “no” a few times to keep your mind clear and focused. 

Boundaries. Without boundaries, people just do whatever the hell they want. The use of the word “no” is like setting walls that build your house of safety. That may seem crazy, but it’s true. Boundaries are healthy because as you establish them, the word “no” may not need to be said as often, people already know what they can or can’t pull with you. 

Authority. Be a boss. As much as we hate trendy, buzzwords, boss is one everyone seems to know and aspire to be. Well, bosses say no. A lot. They have “no” for all the reasons above and most importantly because it confirms their position as an authority. So boss up and say no!