Little John, meet Lil Jon.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Question: who came first the Lil Jon or the Little John?

Clearly it doesn’t matter because Jimmy John’s has hit the jackpot. The newest addition to their lineup, the Little John, is being promoted by none other than rapper Lil Jon. Kudos to the team with enough spunk to come up with this name and then reach out to the flashy musician. 

So far Jimmy John’s has given us a 45 second spot of Lil Jon praising this adorable little tower of meat and cheese, or as we like to call it: pure gold! The best part is that the sandwich chain doesn’t shy away from the fact that this is a commercial. Towards the end Lil Jon applauds them saying, “Jimmy John’s, love the name of the new sandwich, man. Great marketing! Especially using me. Yeah!”

You know what Mister Jon, we agree. Great marketing! We’re looking forward to more.