LinkedIn Guide.

Updated: May 31, 2019

There’s an influx of professionals joining the LinkedIn social space. In fact, LinkedIn reported that two professionals join every second. That’s a crazy growth rate if you ask us! If you’re thinking about growing your presence on the professional platform, you’re mind is moving in the right direction.

LinkedIn recently published a guide on How to Spark Meaningful Conversations that answers 7 questions:

  • What should I write about?

  • Should I post an article or a short-form post or a video?

  • How should I manage comments?

  • How should I use hashtags in my posts?

  • How do I track performance of my content?

  • How do I view analytics for my post?

  • How can I view analytics for my articles?

The entire guide can be found here, but we’ll briefly summarize our two favorite tips for you below.

What should I write about?

Like any content, it’s always better when you write about what you know and what you care about. Share your personal opinion on hot industry trends, news or experiences. If you think it will resonate with your audience - write it! And don’t forget to be genuine. Real recognize real, people!

Should I post an article or a short-form post or a video?

There are different ways to share your thoughts with your connections and, depending on your message, some ways are better than others. LinkedIn suggests using articles when you wish to share insights and expertise. Plus, this is the best way to incorporate and link to videos and images that will give your article that extra punch! Short-form posts are great when you want to start a conversation. Engage your audience by asking a question or sharing a quick opinion on something relevant. Videos work for thought sharing, engagement - you name it. It’s an easy way for your audience to take in and digest your thoughts, plus it gives a little more insight into your personality. That “face-to-face” interaction is sometimes better than reading off a page.

Whether your using LinkedIn to grow your professional network or grow your business, these tips and tricks will come in handy. If you want more help on building your LinkedIn, reach out. We’re more than ready to help you #FigItOut.