Lead Like a Superhero.

Who are you betting on, Batman or Superman? Only one has superhuman strength, yet both are Superheroes and inspire millions of people. We’re often tricked into thinking that the best leaders run the most profitable companies.


The best leaders are like Superheros, they fight for the greater good. And if we know anything about Batman or Superman, they tend to have this right versus wrong mindset leading them to fight for injustice. Basically, these guys stop bad guys. Whether you’re the Batman or Superman type, in 2021 we should all channel our inner Superhero.

If we learned anything last year, we all know that we have a lot of work to do on the diversity, equality, and inclusion front. And if you’re like most leaders you know you have to make changes but are unsure where to begin. To dismantle the scariness we suggest you start by asking yourself how you Superhero attack this problem? Or better yet, what could you learn from your chosen Superhero as it relates to leadership?

Batman is known for always having a plan - no matter the situation, you will not catch that dude off his game. Born into privilege, orphaned as a young boy, and raised in quite possibly the seediest place ever, he has a very black & white philosophy of right and wrong. His skill isn’t just his karate moves or cool gadgets, homeboy is a strategist pure and simple and if you want to roll with Batman your ethics have to be above reproach. He doesn’t believe in leaving things to chance and knows how quickly a situation can escalate if not managed by systems and protocols. He’s not standing on the terrace of Wayne Manor complaining about all that’s wrong in Gotham City, he gets out there in the trenches and makes his mark. He is the example of leading by example.

Now, we know he is not real. However, his impact is and we can learn a thing or two from Batman. At the risk of sounding cheesy (because FIG only does cheese on burgers), Superheros make us want to be better. Plus the fight scenes get better in every movie!

All jokes aside, how different would your company culture be if you looked at things the way Batman does? Black & white not being about race, but instead about right or wrong. Justice not being something reserved for people of a certain income level or education, but something everyone is entitled to. Not making excuses for bad behavior or turning a blind eye to dishonesty, greed, abuse, racism, or all the other nonsense that destroys companies. How different would employee morale and productivity be if they knew they had a leader that faces inequality head-on and has a plan to correct it? That they were working for a company that wasn’t all talk. There’s action behind those words. That their leader actually cared about them and their work environment.

In a nutshell, Batman would never make a public statement about what he stands for, he would simply act. To publicly announce something and then not stand behind it goes against his personal values. As you go back to what you want to accomplish this year, again, ask yourself how would your Superhero approach this problem and think about their values and how they compare to your own.

Come back next month when we dig into our other favorite, Superman.