It’s our ANNI-VER-SAR-Y!

As with any anniversary - there’s cause to celebrate, but for the time being it’s time to reflect. The second year is always an eye-opener and, in many ways, more important than the first year because of the knowledge gained. FIG entered its second year full of drive and team, fresh ideas - you couldn’t tell us anything! Something happened...I realized the team wasn’t all-in and that I had been over committing myself to projects and organizations that didn’t fit the business or actively grow the business or our reputation.

I knew that in order to position myself seriously things had to change fast. I pulled back, hit pause and retraced my steps. Many business owners would call me crazy, for me it was crucial because a team is only as healthy and strong as its leader. 

Once I hit the refocus button, I knew I had to make a change within the team structure because for me, my company isn’t just about how many clients we can sign or how much we earn. It is about having a strong, in sync team that produces solid work; work that we can be proud to put our name on.

Our anniversary is a huge accomplishment and I’m excited about 2020 because now we have the team and we’re on fire! This next year will be about strengthening the team, increasing our skill set, selecting the right partners and building a few kick-ass brands! Happy Anniversary, FIG, I’m proud to call you mine.