Is Your Customer and Audience the Same Person?

Short depends.

Often we jump to the conclusion that our customer and who we’re targeting with our marketing strategies are one in the same, but it’s really not that simple.

At FIG, we find that a lot of B2B companies get this wrong. They assume the company that’s purchasing their product is also their target demographic. Why? Because they interact with their procurement staff on a regular basis, have built great relationships and, after all, they are the people that make the final decision. So, surely that’s their target...right? Eh, not exactly.

In fact, a lot of companies are missing out on a ton of growth by not realizing that they are actually a B2C company when looking at the target demographic.

Think about it this way: the most powerful part of your operation is your customer.

The customer has all the power (whether you like it or not) and it all depends on how and where they choose to spend their money. They have the power to shut down your entire operation simply by choosing to spend their money somewhere else.

With that kind of power shift, you really need to consider who your end user truly is. If the end user is a consumer (making them *ahem* your target audience), then creating demand among those consumers will put pressure on your customers to carry your products.

Toys are the perfect example. While they are made for children, the parents hold the purchasing power. Therefore, while you might be targeting the child to capture their interest, you’re actually selling to the parent because they have the power to make the final purchase decision.

So, before you assume that who you’re selling to is also who you’re targeting, take a step back and take a look at the end user of your product.

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