Interviewing Sucks. Let’s Break the Status Quo!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

FIG Firm's uniquely styled approach to brand strategy is not limited to understanding the needs of our clients. As any recent new hire would tell you, like a fig, your team is unconventional — so why wouldn’t your hiring process be?

What do we do? We bring strategy into the recruitment process! We consider how our ideal candidate fits into our brand. What skills, training and aptitudes (and for that matter, attitudes) are essential for the person who is going to fill the gap in your team?

Keep in mind that establishing a baseline is fine. We all have a wish list, ours starts with tall, dark and handsome...oh wait, wrong list. Back to the hiring process, don't be afraid to let your interview questions come from thinking outside the box. With easy access to online samples, books, podcasts, etc. it’s easy for candidates to prepare the “right” answers so ask questions that generate responses that reveal the interviewee’s personality. Look for the right fit — not the right answer.

Unexpected questions will tell you a lot about a candidate. If they’re caught off guard and unable to recover it can tell you about how they’ll handle curveballs in the workplace. On the other hand, you’ll likely have a much different opinion of someone who acknowledges they weren’t expecting that question and need a moment to think about it.

This type of dynamic interview is also meant to showcase the adaptability and innovation of your company. Sometimes we forget that the hiring process is a mutual one. They should want you as much as you want them.

We have it on good authority — *cough,cough* feedback from our lovely Figs —that your interviewees will find this new approach refreshing. You will be surprised at the level of insight you can glean from them as a result of this change to the status quo.