Instagram Bios.

If you’ve been with FIG University for awhile now, you know that the social space is expanding, especially in the business sector. You’ll also know that Instagram is a huge player in the game and if your business is not present on Instagram, well…get with it or get lost.

Let’s play out a scenario. User logs into Instagram, begins the endless scroll through a visually appealing timeline feed and BOOM! Your post did exactly what it was crafted to do. Your post created a thumb-stopping moment. Hey, maybe it even garnered a double tap (double-win). And now, said user has navigated away from a timeline scroll and landed on your account.

We know you did something right to get your customer (or potential customer) to click on your profile. Aside from whichever way the user landed on your page, now that you have him or her, you have to keep them there! Enter the Instagram bio. 

This is a quick and easy way to tell your followers what you’re all about. There’s no time for telenovelas here. Your Instagram bio should explain who you are and what you do.

Here are a few tips to crafting a FIG worthy IG bio:

1. Keep it focused.

  • Simplicity is key. Use the least amount of words as possible to describe your business and what you can offer.

2. Make it interesting.

  • Copywriting is really going to come in handy here. Think of it as a pick-up line. You’ve got one chance to reel them in…do you go with a dad joke? Keep it professional and classy like Ron Burgundy? It’s really up to you.

3. Stay relevant.

  • Your bio needs to talk to your followers. Make it just as much about them as it is about your business. 

4. Keywords, keywords, keywords.

  • They’re not only for blogs and your website. Include important keywords that your followers might be searching and that will help your brand stand out.

5. Link up!

  • Instagram is fickle because the only places you can include links are in the ‘Swipe Up’ feature on Stories (which requires you have a minimum of 10k followers) and your bio. That means this is serious clickable real estate! Use it wisely. Maybe you link to your website, your latest blog post or to a product page. The beauty is in the ability to switch it up so it stays relevant to your current business climate and goals.

6. Hashtag.

  • Have a branded hashtag? Perfect. Pop it in the bio. While hashtags placed within your bio doesn’t make your profile searchable within the hashtag group, it does show your followers another way to interact with your brand.


  • We’re still marketing here, people. The CTA is critical. Say it with me now, CRI-TI-CAL, when it comes to marketing. You need to tell your followers what they need to do next. Follow your other social accounts, head to your website, sign up for a newsletter, check out the latest deals - the list is endless (like timeline scrolling can be). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to specifically and directly tell your followers exactly what action you want them to take. Be direct…people like that.

Bet you didn’t think your Instagram bio could be so important, but now ya know! It’s a space to craft that perfect ice breaker that could turn a window shopper into a loyal fan. First impressions are everything. Take the time to develop an Instagram bio that’s as interesting as you are!