How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Welcome to 2019 and the year of the blogger!

You know you have a brain chock-full of innovative ideas, witty one-liners and endless opinions about everything from your favorite brand of sliced bread to political banter.

The universe was practically begging you to unleash your wealth of knowledge into the infinite space they call the internet.

So you did. Now you’ve got this great new blog, packed with unbelievable content…and…no one to share it with.

Que social media.

Did you know you can use your social media channels to promote your new work of art aka blog? Well if ya don’t know, now ya know!

How do you go about promoting your blog on social media?

We #FigItOut for you in a few easy steps.

1. Customize your message for each platform.

When you think about how you present information to your social audiences, think about how you would explain a wild night out to your parents vs. your BFF from college. You’re probably not going to tell your parents how you blacked out on an NYC subway after slinging back tequila shots from a guy named Chad and losing your left shoe. Uh un, honey. The parental version probably involves fruity wine, delicate cheese and a nice man with a 401K. Likewise, your audience on Instagram is likely to response differently from your professional network on LinkedIn. Tailor the way you address each platform’s audience so it fits to receive the best response.

2. Consistency is key.

We know, you hear this over and over again, but it’s only because it’s true! There’s nothing worse than having intellectually stimulating conversations with someone over a few weeks, only to be ghosted out of the blue. That’s how your followers will feel when you’re inconsistent with your posting. Constancy and consistency reminds your followers that they can find more of your witty banter on your blog so you stay front-of-mind. Nobody likes a ghost.

3. Tweet it, Share it, Pin it, Post it, Show it.

You have all of these social media platforms at your disposal, so use them. Cross-promotion is the best way to get those extra eyeballs on your blog.

• Tweet about it on Twitter with a shortened URL, hashtags and don’t forget to be concise…you only have 280 characters after all.

• Share it on Facebook with an engaging visual, or even better, video! On average, videos perform 20% better on Facebook than still images.

• Put a pin in it on Pinterest. Make sure you don’t forget an enticing CTA to encourage engagement and obviously add a link to your blog because that’s the only way to ensure the traffic goes to the correct place.

• Post it on your LinkedIn so all those professionals you’ve added to your network can see how much of a professional you really are! LinkedIn is also great because you can share your blog in relevant groups to increase visibility from the audiences you’re trying to reach.

• Do it for the Insta. It’s time to show what you’re made of- literally. Instagram is a completely visual platform, so your imagery needs to be on point. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to link to anything in your feed (boo) but if you can manage to rack up 10,000 followers, that covetable “Swipe Up” feature will be your new bestie. You can also add a link to your blog in your bio.

To sum it all up, know your audience and speak to them individually. Be consistent. Utilize all the platforms. It’s really that easy!