How to Develop a Lead Generation Campaign.

Stuck on how to develop a lead generation campaign?

The first step to any marketing campaign is to ask yourself these questions:

Who am I looking to specifically target?

What are my campaign goals?

What action(s) do I want my target audience to take?

After those questions have been answered, a customer journey flow needs to be created. The flow consists of the following:

  • Content

  • Call to action

  • Landing page

  • Forms

  • Offers

  • Retargeting/triggered actions

Let’s delve a little deeper:

It’s important to understand your audience and how you, as a marketer, can create a unique experience that is enticing enough to convert a stranger into a solid lead and eventually a loyal brand follower.

Many brands and businesses fail because they haven’t clearly defined their target audience. This turns into marketing dollars falling by the wayside rather than an incremental revenue stream. Once you have a full grasp on the person(s) you are targeting, you can begin to create the attention-grabbing content that is strong enough to interrupt behavior and enticing enough to cause an action, whether that be clicking a link, watching a video, opening an email…the list of possible call to actions is endless.

Once you’ve succeeded in gaining that initial interest, the task at hand is convincing your potential lead to engage with your brand. One of the most effective ways of doing this is capturing customer data by leading your potential customer to a specific landing page and requesting information in exchange for an offer. We live in a world where instant gratification rules and it’s difficult to convince someone to give you something of value if they aren’t guaranteed to receive anything in return. Make the journey worth their while because their information is gold.

The ease at which a business and/or brand can engage with customers at many levels within the sales funnel through retargeting is a gift from the digital gods! If every potential lead we attempted to engage fell directly through our funnel, we would all be out of marketing jobs. Retargeting at different times throughout the customer journey ensures that your brand stays front-of-mind.

We’ve worked hard to facilitate a customer journey that was engaging enough to convince a potential lead to share their information. But what happens when the sent email goes unopened? Or our landing page visitor doesn’t manage to complete the call to action to fill out a form? Retargeting your audience is a huge step that can’t be missed. The places you serve retargeting ads will differ based upon your target audience. Social media, Google Adwords, email blasts - choose the best fit to re-engage your customer!

The goal here is to convert that one-time visitor into a lifelong fan while creating a mutually beneficial relationship between your business and the consumer. The beauty of digital marketing is the analysis that can be done to adapt to consumer reaction in a relatively quick timeframe. When one tactic doesn’t work to help the overall strategy, it’s possible to make tweaks in real-time to positively affect change.

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