How Niche is too Niche?

The never ending conundrum. Do I appeal to a broad audience or laser focus my brand on a small segment? 

For many business owners, trying to appeal to the masses seems like the superior choice. More customers = More money, right!? Unfortunately, customer behavior is not a mathematical equation. Besides, we’re creatives; we don’t like math. Here’s the kicker, if you try to appeal to everyone you will end up appealing to no one.

So how laser focused should your efforts be? For most companies, the more focused the better. Focus just means having a clear concept of the problem you’re solving and for whom. Often our clients will express their fears of focusing because they don’t want to alienate a portion of their customer base. We’re here to remind them that they’re badass, and badasses don’t scare easily!

In reality, having a focused target customer does not mean that the ones who don’t fit that image will stop doing business with you. Very few of your customers will perfectly fit your target. However, focusing makes your identity crystal clear to the people buying from you. 

As a small business you should take the time to analyze what makes your customers unique. Paint a picture of them! What’s their name? Where do they work? What do they do for fun? This isn’t a blind date, you need as much information as you can get. Get inside their heads and don’t be afraid to ask some personal questions.

Need help finding your niche? Call us and we’ll help you FIG it out.