Happy FIGsgiving!

We cherish our team and Thanksgiving is one of the best times of year to show that. Our founder, TaChelle Lawson, has a few words to share about the importance of friends and family (yes, at FIG we’re both!) during the holidays:

I’ve always believed you should let people know your opinions (the good and the bad). Today, we’re all too busy to do that which is why I love Thanksgiving or as we refer to it “FIGsgiving” because it provides the perfect excuse to show love and kindness. If you read our blogs it will come as no surprise that I embrace a team vs employees culture and for us, it’s not just something that sounds good to prospective clients, it’s our way of life. Being small comes with a few downsides; we have a small office, everyone knows what you’re doing every minute of the day, we tease each other for sneezing, laughing too loud or simply breathing. An innocent question like “how does this sound?” can easily turn into an impromptu think tank session and then there’s the obvious - everyone wears multiple hats. Oh, and don’t you dare go for a third cup of coffee, because someone is counting and everyone will know!

Now I realize this may sound bloody awful to you, but for us it’s perfect. It’s what we signed up for and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Familia de trabajo loco. We laugh, we support, we encourage, we correct, we educate and we build. We know our strengths, understand our shortcomings and are there to catch and address our partners' weaknesses. It’s an honor for us. A privilege. We choose to play a role in building something not only for FIG, but for the partners that entrust us with their brands. 

FIGsgiving is about celebrating the family we choose to be a part of. For us it’s the team, friends and partners that continue to love and support. Thank you. 

It’s also about all the sides your belly can handle, so take big bites and have seconds!

Happy FIGsgiving!