Give Your Spirits the Holiday Treatment.

If you’ve gone shopping in the past week then you’ve noticed that it’s time to get the jump on the holiday season. For our partners in the beverage industry, this is a great time to gain the attention of all those holiday shoppers. Here’s 3 things your beverage brand should be doing this season.

  • Craft an award-winning cocktail... If you haven’t already pumpkin spice-ified your beverage you are behind the eight ball! From the love-hate relationship with pumpkin spice to the cozy familiarity of peppermint, there are so many holiday pairings for you to experiment with. Once you hone in on the winning combination you can bring it back as a staple for years to come. (P.S. we hear figs are extra delicious during the holidays.)

  • ...then introduce it while hosting your holiday cocktail experience…  Shorter days mean longer nights, and longer nights just mean an earlier start to cocktail hour! Why not invite the public to your business to learn how to make the seasonal cocktails you’ve created. People will get a chance to interact with your brand on a personal level. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with your most loyal customers and give them a shout out on social media. Don’t forget to create a signature hashtag.

  • ...and top it all off with a stocking stuffer recommendation. There are going to be a million and one stocking stuffer lists coming out over the next couple months, and your beverage had better be them! A bottle of your signature beverage will work great as for your patrons to enjoy now or save for a special occasion. Have your PR person reach out to publications so your drink is on all your customer’s must-have lists!