Give the gift of Brand.

Santa baby, I wanna yacht and really that’s not a lot! The FIG Fam is definitely on the nice list this year and we’re willing to bet that your employees are too. Even though we usually talk about how to project your brand externally, there’s much to be gained from cultivating it internally as well. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to initiate a Holiday Gifting Program in the form of free swag (yes), services (holla!) or products offered by your company (say what?!). Why would you do this, other than getting into a holly-jolly spirit, here’s a few benefits of offering goodies in-house:

1. Promoting Culture

Gifting your employees something in house demonstrates that you are willing to invest in their use and understanding of the products offered — plus you know everyone’s been eyeing that shiny, new release.

2. Being Economical 

Ditch the box store and instead move stagnant swag, or products, that would otherwise sit unused or underutilized; it frees up your space and saves you the time picking out individual gifts that will work for each employee.

3. Regifting in Mind

Let’s be real, the regifting cat has been out of the bag for years. Depending on the product or service, employees may want to spread the love by regifting their new treasure with a loved one, if anything it simplifies their holiday shopping list.

4. Understanding the Customer Experience

Many businesses will make limited services and products available to their employees for free in exchange for an honest evaluation of their products and services. This is a win-win because the employees get some swag and the you get a better understanding of your products. (Pro Tip: if you want honest feedback, make it anonymous).

5. Man(or Lady)Power

Maximize operating hours by allowing your staff to choose their gifts or book out their services during slow periods of the day or sudden dips in attendance during the holiday season, this will help boost morale because your workers will get a little TLC during this busy time of year.

6. Don’t Forget the #

Encourage your employees to post and share about their gifting experience, they’ll have fun with it and free publicity is free publicity.