Four Key Customer Sales Factors.

A word from Jodie Sacco, our VP of Business Development:

The interesting thing about sales is there is no University or College degree you can earn. There’s no singular way to learn the in’s and out’s. Think about it… Have you ever heard a Warton Business School graduate boast of an Honors Degree in Sales? Nope.

In my humble opinion there's a simple reason why. 

Sales is a basic human means of convincing others of what you believe in. Confused?

Think about it this way: As a mother of two daughters, I spend most of their lives 'selling' them the reasons why they should make one choice over another. I constantly sell them on why vegetables are important to their physical growth. I sell them on why they should look both ways before they cross the road.

Remember when you met your partner?  Really stop and think for a moment about those first few interactions. Didn't you have to engage in a sales process to sell yourself? Didn't your partner have to do the same? 

So, when you’re actively pitching your customer on why they should “buy-in”, remember these 4 key factors:

1. Sales is based on honesty and being authentic.

Don’t brag to them about "lowest prices" when you can't uphold that. Don’t offer something you aren’t sure your services can provide. Be real and true to the capabilities of your business and what you can give to your customers.

2. Build a relationship built on trust.

By showing you truly believe in your product, how it's been of actual benefit to others and how it has impacted lives and businesses, you build rapport with your customers. They need to know they can rely on you to deliver, and without trust, that relationship means nothing.

3. Scarcity

Your Customer needs to want what you have. It’s as simple as that. Make them believe that if they don’t go with you, they will lose out and have regrets aka F.O.M.O (fear of missing out).

4. Don’t forget empathy.

Getting inside the head of the people in your target market is key. You need to “be” your customer to fully understand their wants and needs. Go as far as imagining what clothes they wear, what car they drive… Determine their pain points.

Life is one big sales pitch, and whether you realize it or not, we’re always on the job.