FIG’s Secrets to a Highly Cohesive Team.

Remember that buzzword from a few years back: synergy? If you’ve been following us then you know by now how we feel about buzzwords, but we’ve gotta toot our own horn and say that the FIG team has nailed synergy. We just prefer to call it cohesion.

The FIG Fam has grown a lot over the past few months and through that rapid growth we’ve been able to maintain our Figgy-ness. We recognize that when teams grow, especially when they grow quickly, they run the risk of bringing on members who may not be the best fit. As experts on building solid teams we want to give your our two cents on how to do it too.

In short, a winning team is built of people with two qualities: talent and similar ambitions.

Talent is a given. You would never consider bringing someone on if you didn’t think they would be able to do the task at hand and excel in it. Many businesses however focus heavily on a newcomer’s ability to do the job and then look for cultural fit. Don’t get it twisted!

Cultural fit is important, but it doesn’t hit on a person’s deeper motivations. It’s the same concept that makes most first year college roommates a bad fit — sure you both checked off morning person  on your list of qualities but that little questionnaire did not get into why you are a morning person.

When bringing on someone new you need to investigate their long-term ambitions. Remember: it doesn’t matter what those ambitions are as long as they match the rest of the people in the company. You can put together a team of people who value that 9-5 work-life balance or the workaholics who live for peaks and troughs and both of those teams will be cohesive. However, if they are commingled you will have issues managing expectations around workflow. Whether you’re currently adding to your team or not, hopefully this bit of advice will bring you closer to having a higher cohesion.