Everyone Loves a Good Story.

It was all a dream...

Do you remember when stories had to have a “happy ever after” type ending? They began with some innocent or naive character that was being threatened by some evil entity (think Maleficent or basically anything by Disney). The trials and tribulations seemed to be more than the innocent character could bare alone, so of course there’s a bestie, assistant (or “Fairy Godmother”) that knew exactly how to advise their young princess to turn things around. It was always the same - rough start, magical finish. True love saves the day with a kiss or a glass slipper. We all know it’s nonsense, not at all logical - yet we buy into them over and over again. Why? Because everyone loves a good story. Simple as that. 

Well - stories have changed. They’re no longer reserved for fairy tales and we think that’s pretty damn amazing! Brands have their own stories to tell and the best part, they don’t have to end! At FIG we believe they never end and get better instead. In order for a story to remain interesting, you have to make the “plot” a part of your overall strategy. Below are three simple tips for telling your brand’s story and keeping it figgin’ fresh! 

  1. Identify the problem from your customers perspective. This is about them, not you. Remember that. 

  2. Add some drama! There’s a reason the Housewives of New York is still running (which is beyond us). The reason? People love drama! We don’t recommend calling up your vendors and demanding more money like Ramona, but you get the point. This show has worked because it follows the lives of people that are envied because of what they have, but deep down are just like everyone else. They cry, yell, disappoint - they’re real. Connect your brand to some sort of emotion.

  3. Solve the problem. You’ve presented the problem, made it dramatic, now what? FIX(G) the problem! You’re guiding this story so the problem can big as big or little as you want it to be as long you tell them how you can fix it for them.

Try to think about your brand story as if it were a movie or a series that never ends. Nike and FedEx do a great job of this. There’s always a reason to “Just Do it” and “The World On Time” can apply to anything from a business proposal to a holiday gift that needs to arrive on time. 

What’s your “Just Do It”? Need help figuring it out? Give us a call!