Does Influencer Marketing Add Value?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

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As companies dive into the new year and begin to implement new marketing strategies to help grow their brands, the topic of influencer marketing has no doubt been encountered. As a hot topic throughout 2018, influencer marketing is gaining momentum and tops the 2019 digital marketing trend charts. Many companies are readily preparing their brands to adopt this marketing strategy if they haven’t already, and it’s definitely wise to do so, but it doesn’t come without some questions.

One of the biggest questions to consider when implementing any new strategy is deciding whether or not it will add value to your company and/or brand. So, how does influencer marketing add value to a brand?

Before we answer this question, let’s take a step back. What is influencer marketing? It’s marketing focused on a person or group that has the ability to influence potential customers and it has gained popularity due to the astonishing results it produces in less than half the time of a traditional marketing campaign. By using the influencers “influence”, a company is able to reach a niche demographic with an already trusted voice, thus increasing sales, driving brand awareness and building brand loyalty.

Increasing sales, driving brand awareness and building brand loyalty are three key focuses for most companies, hence why the adoption of influencer marketing is more than a smart move, it’s now become a necessary component to a strong 2019 marketing strategy.

Let’s consider these three key points:

  1. Trust turns to growth.

  2. Exposure leads to sales.

  3. Audience targeting becomes repeat business.

Influencers have worked tirelessly to gain the trust of their audience.Through their expertise, reputation and popularity, their power and credibility rise. Six out of 10 YouTube subscribers say they are more likely to follow a product endorsed by a YouTube channel over a celebrity endorsement. That’s powerful and that’s the edge brands need to take on their competition.

When the trust is already built between influencer and audience, new brand exposure feels organic. Consumers feel they save time when following an influencer’s product recommendation because that product has been vetted by a trusted source. This means your potential customers are moving through your sales funnel at a much more rapid pace and sales conversion is sure to see a nice bump.

With the ability to expand your brands reach and expose new audiences to your product, utilizing an influencer to penetrate a targeted audience is a proven effective method for a marketing campaign. Because influencers know their followers, they know exactly how your brand should be positioned, giving you, not only a competitive advantage over competition, but the opportunity to grow a loyal fanbase.

Is influencer marketing valuable? Absolutely. This marketing strategy allows you to connect with a new target audience, expose them to your brand organically and convert them to loyal customers just by utilizing an already trusted source. When developing your 2019 marketing strategies, try including an influencer-focused campaign and reap the marketing benefits!