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DEI Beyond Training

Companies every day are realizing the benefits of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Most of that includes some type of DEI training - and yes, while training is crucial, much more needs to be done beyond that training. Here are few simple ways you can start to extend DEI beyond training.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Let’s be honest. You are going to have to have some uncomfortable conversations. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their experiences or hearing about others’ experiences. It’s important to remember that these conversations will connect all of the training to the real world. Facilitating open discussions without judgment will ultimately lead to a better understanding of everyone’s viewpoint.

Reevaluating HR practices.

Don’t worry; we aren’t saying to forget everything you know about HR and start from scratch. What we are saying is that you should be mindful of certain HR practices.

Certain job descriptions can be biased. Job descriptions in male-dominated fields tend to have a more masculine vocabulary and vice versa. Being aware that this can be an unconscious bias in your organization is the first step to creating more inclusive hiring practices.

Better Together.

Employee Resource Groups and Diversity Councils are great ways to extend DEI beyond training. ERG’s provide employees with support, career development, and personal development. Diversity Councils generally make sure that the company itself does everything it can to cultivate an inclusive environment. Either way, having these groups and councils helps maintain accountability within the organization.

Your DEI practices impact every part of your organization, from your revenue to your employee retention. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to having a successful operation.

Don’t know how to extend DEI beyond training in your organization? Give us a call at 800.834.4946 or contact us here.

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