Crush it in 2020: Become Your Industry's Thought Leader.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Let’s talk thought leaders. We know them. We love them. We want to be them. But then we come to the age old question: how? How do you develop your brand’s notoriety to stand among the ranks of those headed by legends like Buffet, Jobs and Musk? When it comes to thought leadership the common thread is expertise.

Expertise is why we listen to anyone! Thought leaders may develop themselves from traditional methods of learning, like hitting the books, or through more experiential methods, think trial and error. Regardless thought leaders are the people in their industry who know the most about getting the job done. Ergo if you want to be your industry’s thought leader then you need to become the foremost expert.

It’s not enough to become Einstein, you need to find your megaphone. You should already be utilizing free, easily accessible tools like blogs and social media; taking full advantage of mediums like these allows you to build a repertoire of assets showcasing your expertise. Next, seek out industry events where you can get in front of an audience and position yourself as a leader. There’s nothing like getting face to face with other powerhouses in your industry. Be hungry for the opportunities that will give you access to them.

Most importantly, dare to try new things.