COVID and the Small Business.

Whether you are weathering this storm with ease or are in need of some grace, small businesses were affected hard by the appearance and persistence of Covid 19. Working with our smaller partners, we are often faced with questions such as; What products or services will have to be sacrificed next? What can I do to keep my employees? And what we have found to be the toughest question to answer... Can we make it through this?

COVID-19 has in many ways acted as a great equalizer, a mirror and a singular adversary to society as a whole. We as business owners and operators have answered the call. We have dissected the problems we are up against and adapted with grace and reliance. For every new regulation, we have - and will again pivot and prevail. The sickness will be gone someday until then know that as a small business, YOU’VE GOT THIS!

If in the middle of this pandemic you're struggling to define your competitive advantage or how your re-structured business will competitively operate in a changed market, contact us for a complimentary consultation on competitive advantage and market growth.