Building Your Brand on Instagram.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The world of social media can get confusing. So many platforms, so little time… Am I right? When you’re working on building out your brand, there comes a time when you need to decide which social platform are right for you. Which will lead you to the question, why is building your brand on Instagram important?

A recent study by Facebook found 57% of Instagram users use the platform more than they did a year ago and 44% say they plan to use it even more this year. We could literally stop the conversation right here. That’s a profound amount of people (Instagram has roughly one billion monthly active users) that are not only already using the visual platform, but are planning to increase their usage in the coming year. Like the cool kids say, “Get with it or get lost!"

However, what’s even more note worthy is that 66% of respondents say Instagram is a platform that allows interaction with brands, influencers and celebrities. Brands. Influencers. Celebrities. Now, you may not be a celeb, but your customers are using Instagram to connect with you and they’re openly admitting it! If you’re given an open invitation to talk directly to your customers, why would you pass that opportunity up? You wouldn’t. You shouldn’t.

So what does all this mean for your brand? It means that Instagram shouldn’t be ignored. It means you need a strong Instagram strategy because, much like Rome, solid Instagram accounts aren’t built in a day.

The image-based social platform provides the opportunity to reach a vast audience quickly. Let’s tap into that market! Fig Firm has a strong team of digital and social strategists that can help grow your brand on Instagram. Give us a call and let’s #FigItOut!