Brand Consistency: Four Reasons Why It Matters.

The relationship between brand and consumer is similar to most relationships we have in our lives. Consistency in a relationship builds loyalty and as a brand, the goal is to build loyalty with your customer. You want to be that familiar face your customers know and trust.

Here are four of the many reasons why consistency in branding matters:

1. Brand promise

2. Trust

3. Helps narrow target

4. Brand awareness

Brand Promise

Consistently delivering on your brand promise across every aspect of your business makes it clear to the customer who you are, what you stand for and what you offer. Creating a clear image in your customer’s mind will help foster the loyal relationship you want to build. The key here is to think of your brand as more than just your logo or website. Your brand is everything from design, tone of voice, experience - down to the smile that greets your customer at the door.


Like any relationship, consistency builds trust. The more consistent you are, the more your customers are able to trust that you will meet their expectations and deliver a consistent level of quality, time and time again.

Narrows Your Target

The more defined your brand is the clearer it will be who you’re talking to (your target market) and where to find them. A distinct and clear voice is essential in today’s saturated market. What’s even better, if it’s abundantly clear who you are, the more likely it is that your target will find their way to you.

Brand Awareness

Consistency creates awareness. Think about some of the products you have in your home. You probably know what the brands are without ever seeing the logo, simply based upon colors, typeface and/or messaging. This is achieved through consistent design and aesthetics, which ingrains an image in the consumer’s mind.

To sum it all up, the phrase “consistency is key” exists because it’s true! Without creating that consistency within your brand, you’re ultimately creating a larger challenge for your business to build lasting relationships with your customers. It takes a strong, strategic plan to develop consistency. Contact us for a free consultation and our team can help you lay the foundation for your brand.