Be Your Own Brand Cheerleader: B-E Consistent.

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Let’s just be honest, let’s just be real, marketing can get expensive. 

Your small business was built to be a money making machine but if you start cutting corners you may be on a short path to a loss in quality. However, you can elevate your marketing efforts by remembering this tidbit: Be Consistent! 

Brand consistency makes you stand out, and it starts with our favorite word -- FREE. Developing your brand’s voice and making sure it flows amongst all marketing channels is basically your most cost-efficient tool for bolstering your business. It signals reliability to your customers and partners. Think about the companies that revolutionized their industries to the point where their brand became the household namesake. Frigidaire, for example, wasn’t the first company to make refrigerators nor were they the only company making them in the early 1900s; however they cultivated a strong brand through consistency and now nearly everyone refers to their refrigerators as a “fridge”. The same is true with Kleenex, Xerox, Thermos, get the point. 

Here’s a quick way to see if your brand consistency is on point;  log into your social media accounts and analyze the tone. Every company has a voice and you want your voice to be consistent. If your social media is whimsical or flirty then your product packing shouldn’t be a lesson in drab.

Consistency is valuable because it sets expectations for your customers and builds their confidence in you. Be Consistent and reap the benefits of higher level marketing.