Announcing FIG U!

A note from our Founder:

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business. For many, it’s also one of the most intimidating. I started FIG with the intention of being a partner to small businesses - not just another invoice they paid. While we’ve partnered with some amazing companies, I’ve parted ways with even more due to a fear of the financial commitment - a fear that is now even more heightened due to COVID-19. 

Today, business owners are more terrified than ever about what will happen to their company when this is all over. Therefore, it felt like a good time to put our knowledge to use without placing another financial commitment on business owners. So, we created FIG University. 

It’s designed to provide business owners with courses that break down branding into quick videos. Have you wondered about the difference between branding and marketing? Perhaps you’ve wondered how to apply big strategies to your small business. Or thought about developing your own personal brand. I’m happy to say that FIG University is for you. Our courses will cover the basics of branding all the way to leveling up your marketing strategies.

We are in the early stages and developing new courses every week. If there’s a topic you’d be interested in or have a question about, please reach out to