An Ode to the Buy-in Factor.

Time to buy in.

Alright FIG fam, we hope you’re sitting down, because today we’re dropping a serious request from us (and all agencies) to you, our loving current, future, potential clients. So pour yourself a glass of wine, cozy up with a blanket and let us unload…

We’d like to call this piece An Ode to the Buy-in Factor. As an extension of your business, we need you to fully buy in to what we are trying to achieve. (Side note - While this PSA is coming from our social media team, it really applies to all facets of brand building). 

As the proprietor of your business, no one knows your audience, your mission statement and your core values better than you. In order for any outside efforts to truly work, your assistance is key. We need to believe that you believe in the ideas and strategies presented. We need to believe that you are standing with us, not pushing against us. We’re not here to shove information down your throat and have you accept it as truth. We exist to listen to you. We exist to hear you. We exist to think with you. We exist to collaborate with you. 

You’ve heard us say it before – Authenticity is the name of the game, especially when we’re on the topic of social media content. No consumer wants to feel “sold to”. They want an organic relationship with the companies they chose to engage with and buy from. Who better to know what will come off as authentic better than the authenticators themselves?

We build brands, not trends. That is the core belief of FIG and something we hold true to no matter what. Hopping on the next trending hashtag is fine, but that’s not a strategy. The trend will dissipate…do you want your business to disappear along with it? Of course not. And neither do we.

We want to build a brand that stands strong like a FIG tree and is built to last so we can watch it flourish, grown and reap the benefits of the final product – the delicious FIG, or you achieving your business goals. This is why it’s so important to have you, our valued client, invest in our strategy. It is created with you in mind, for you and (hopefully) with you.

Like any relationship, there will be challenges and high points. There will be the usual ups and the occasional downs. But the main point here is we both need to be active contributors. We both need to provide input and show understanding so the relationship and the brand will last in the long run. Let’s build a legacy together.