A Word from More than a Woman.

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

TaChelle Lawson, Founder of FIG Brand Strategy Firm
TaChelle Lawson, Founder

In honor of National Women’s Month, we are sharing a blog entry from someone who is more than a woman. She is a leader, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a badass. This week, we’re sharing what it means to be a female leader in business from the perspective of our fearless boss, TaChelle Lawson:

I don't buy into the belief that being a woman in business is hard. I know that being in business for yourself is hard enough. I know that women continue to break down glass-ceilings on a daily basis because of their talent, experience, knowledge and natural instincts to make sound decisions in business. I choose to buy into the belief that women have and always will rule this world because we are not limited to business. We shape the minds and beliefs of children, family, colleagues, community and so many others; it’s that mindset that led me to build FIG.

I only hire incredible women.

My team is made-up of all women from different walks of life, cultures and experiences. That doesn't mean they're always the most educated or have perfect work experience on a resume. What they are can not be defined on paper. What they are is exceptional. They're beasts in their own right and make, not only my business, but this world a better place. With our differences, we make an incredibly diverse team of professionals! 

At FIG Brand Strategy Firm, our focus is on our partners and what we can do to help their businesses maximize their potential. We approach brand from different angles and provide our partners with a solid strategy on brand exposure. That can mean anything from a new marketing campaign, website revamp, media training or a standard competitive analysis. 

As the leader, it is my responsibility to ensure my team’s growth and development. It's a role I take very seriously. I believe that whether or not my team stays with me for their entire career or chooses to move on to tackle new adventures, I owe them as a woman to help them advance. My hope is that they feel that same responsibility to other women as they move up in their careers as well.