A CEO's Guide to Rebranding.

Rebranding is the perfect time to make your business everything you originally wanted it to be. And then some. For the most part, we all start with grandiose ideas that need scaling back (aka: reality check). After some time we come to realize what does/doesn’t fit our brand. Let me tell you - that is a beautiful thing.

The goal of any rebranding is to better connect with your existing audience and expand your reach. First step is identifying what has and hasn’t been working for your brand - from your customers perspective. This is where many go wrong, they focus on what they want to change versus what needs changing. Don’t be in a rush to rebrand. Use your current customers as “focus groups” by asking questions, offering new products or services and pay close attention to their responses.

As you’re collecting this information from your customers, start polling your employees. Offer them an incentive for honest feedback. Charge them with providing their experience with the service or product and have them compare it to the competition. You absolutely want this information - not only is it the most valuable when it comes to rebranding, you make them feel valued.

Now the fun part - the numbers. What do the numbers tell you? You have the feedback, check that against your financials and see what really needs to change. Remember that a rebrand is not just about changing the logo or your company colors. Take this opportunity to think about your brand's future. Where do you see the company in twenty years? Are these changes enough to get you there? This is the time to consult with a professional. Explain what you’re trying to accomplish, provide the collected information and put a game plan in place.

Most importantly, don’t rush. Plan to roll out the new brand with intention, otherwise it could end up getting missed.