A Case of Mistaken Identity.

Have you ever felt you were doped into working for a company suffering from a case of mistaken identity? Have you ever felt you were recruited thinking the company culture and environment would be one way only to be met with an alternate reality upon hire? This identity crisis is all too common among businesses with a major alignment disconnect between their Recruitment Strategy and the Company's Culture.

Strategizing a company's values, culture and mission should similarly be viewed from the perspective of anatomy. The core of your organization should be centered around the company's core values and supported by its mission. These components are essential in framing out a Recruiting Strategy that will make your mission clear and in turn attract candidates that align with your core values.

A good example would be to ask "How many lambs would look for work operated by a pack of proud wolves? Even accounting for deviation, the lamb candidate would traditionally not be a good fit because the core values are out of alignment for the two parties. At FIG, we want to emphasize that strategy is more than just the job and the duties, it's attracting talented candidates that align with our culture and see themselves in our values.

To preface this in the context of a candidate, they will have their best chance of a seamless transition from recruit to employee by planning out your recruitment strategy with your core values as a guide. Here are a few ways you can make candidates aware of your values without broadcasting them from the rooftops.


Set clear expectations on the duration of employment opportunities, interview times and assessment completion expectations.


Be upfront about salary expectations, responsibilities that may deviate from industry norms and the importance of answering interview questions honestly.


Hold candidates accountable for adhering to interview times and meeting assessment deadlines.

No matter your approach, be mindful that perfect candidates do not exist, ideal candidates are as rare as unicorns but a good fit may be looking for you just around the corner.