What is your company doing to grow your sales through diversity? It's a question that many companies fail to answer. The hospitality market is becoming more saturated every day - with employees becoming employers and mergers changing the landscape, how does your company stand apart and grow market share? 
Better yet, what share of the market are you leaving behind? There's a lot of conversation around hiring when it comes to diversity - but we challenge you to think about consumer behavior, industry trends and a changing economy in order to build a killer diversity strategy. 

Take a few minutes to digest some of these stats

  • 42% of Americans have started or stopped using a new brand in the past year because of the way they responded to the protests and calls for equality.

  • Brands with the most representative ads saw an average stock gain of 44% in a seven-quarter period ended last year, Heat found. Brands with the highest diversity scores showed an 83% higher consumer preference.

  • In a Deloitte survey, 83% of millennials reported higher levels of engagement when they believed their company fosters an inclusive culture.

  • The U.S Distilled Spirit market is estimated to reach $33.5 Billion by 2027

  • The compound annual growth rate for the alcohol market is expected to be 7.9% from 2020-2023

Are you ready to call DIB$?

Need more convincing?

  • 63% of women said that they consume alcohol on a regular basis 

  • BIPOC consumers have increased their spending power over 23% since 2003. 46% of Black Americans consume alcohol regularly.

  • Every third drink ordered in the U.S is a vodka drink. Vodka is a favorite of the LGBTQ+ community with Absolut and Smirnoff supporting multiple LGBTQ+ organizations over the years. 

  • Vodka accounted for 1/3rd of the entire spirit industry in 2020, flavored vodka represents 12.42% of sales. 

  • Gen X purchased 13% more wine than any other generation 

  • Since 2002, premium Irish whiskey sales have risen by 1,007%, while super-premium Irish whiskey have increased over 8,000%

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