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“Racism creates a society where people don’t trust and respect each other. When it’s allowed to flourish, it lessens us as a people.” (Australian Human Rights Commission)


Investing in Training for Managers AND Employees

Research from several major firms, including McKinsey, Deloitte, Gartner,
Credit Suisse and others, all show that successful diversity, equity and
inclusion initiatives result in improved employee engagement, better team
culture and increased revenues.
Are you ready to invest in team training for your managers and staff?
Ask yourself ...


■ Are your leaders proactively creating the desired corporate culture for
your organization?

■ Should your management team be more knowledgeable about DEI
and racial equity?

■ Is your management comfortable talking about race? Are your

■ Do your employees feel comfortable coming to your leadership team
with questions or problems regarding DEI?

■ Do you or your team ever need to resolve conflict due to diversity


It takes strong management skills, enhanced leadership practices, and
improved communication techniques to address DEI issues. These are
simply not taught in business schools! Engaged managers create
productive employee teams, which drive efficiency and increase profits.

At FIG, our DEI training programs and executive DEI coaching are
designed to transform management skills, build confidence and ensure
competence. We don’t stop when basic training is done. We offer
continued support, executive coaching and accountability.

We have designed our DEI training in a modular fashion to include critical
skills such as communication, goal setting, conflict resolution, culture

transformation, relationship building and how to talk about and relate to
equity matters as they occur.
We believe that all professionals can grow their leadership traits via
interactive and experiential leadership training solutions. At the same
time, some may need customized DEI coaching to help recognize
underlying patterns, unconscious biases and address issues they’ve been
told to avoid all their lives.


DEI Training and Executive Coaching can make
your managers better managers, your employees better employees, and your corporate culture what you want it to be. Schedule a free consultation today.
Call 1-800-834-4946 or click here

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