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40 percent of companies view diversity strictly as  a way to mitigate legal, compliance or reputational  risks, with HR in an enforcer role.  (SHRM)



How to get started in building a DEI strategy.

What’s the state of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at your company? Ask yourself these questions …


  1. What does diversity and inclusion mean to your organization?

  2. How are you prioritizing diversity and inclusion? Do you know where to start?

  3. Is diversity and inclusion a continuous process for your organization?

  4. Do you have a diverse group of key decision makers?

  5. Are you regularly monitoring your progress?

  6. Do you know if your employees feel they’re benefitting?

  7. Does diversity exist at every level of your organization?

  8. What have employees said about the initiatives?

  9. Does your organization view DEI simply as an HR challenge?

  10. Have you reached inclusion within your organization?

  11. How’s the communication?

  12.  How diverse is the executive team? Board of directors?

  13. What does the management team look like?

  14. Do you have existing leadership programs?

  15. Describe your promotion and evaluation process. Who makes those decisions?

  16. How is diversity celebrated in your organization?

  17. Does your organization support DEI advocates in public issues?

  18. What are the areas that need the most improvement?

  19. What goals have been set for DEI in your organization? How are those goals measured? Who’s responsible for making sure they’re met?

  20. How does leadership support the organization’s DEI strategy?


What do your employees really think about your DEI efforts? Do they share your vision?  Are you at the levels you want?  Is it helping or hurting your organization?  Schedule a free consultation with one of our DEI specialists and we’ll help you find out.  Call 1-800-834-4946 or click here.

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