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At FIG University.

You may be new to branding or looking to refresh your existing brand, either way; we've got you covered. FIG University offers online courses taught by industry professionals that provide a full breakdown of branding and how it applies to building a strategy.

We also share little nuggets of wisdom on our weekly blog, covering everything from basic branding to color theory and company diversity. 


Have you ever thought about building your personal brand but not sure where to start? Do you have a service or product that could help others?

Our team of Brand Professionals has taken the core principles of brand strategy and created a ONE HOUR course to teach you how to build your personal brand!


These are the same principles some of your favorite brands use. So if you could learn how to build your personal brand in ONE HOUR, would you do it?


What have you got to lose?

Motivational Speaking

Diversity & Inclusion

Cultural Awareness Training

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