Research published in the American Sociological Review reported that businesses reporting the highest levels of racial diversity achieved 15 times the sales revenue compared to those with the least racial diversity in their teams.


Employment claims and lawsuits are among the most costly and time-consuming losses facing corporations. Employee lawsuits are expensive. An average out of court settlement is about $50,000. In addition, 10 percent of wrongful termination and discrimination cases result in a $1 million dollar settlement. The majority of cases, about 67 percent, are ruled in the plaintiff’s favor when taken to litigation.

The most common types of cases include ...

  • Discrimination (based on race, sex, age, religion or other factors)

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Retaliation

  • Whistleblower

  • Negligent Hiring, Supervision, Promotion and Retention

  • Disabilities

  • Breach of Contract

  • Emotional Distress & Mental Anguish

  • Invasion of Privacy

What do you have to lose? Here are just a few examples of recent rulings ...

  • A Pittsburgh jury returned a $13 million judgment in a case where a woman was the target of obscene gestures and continually called “Big Girl” by a few of her male colleagues.

  • A 66-year-old man was awarded $26 million by a Los Angeles jury when he was subjected to a string of false accusations and harassment by co-workers and a manager, which culminated in his suspension for taking a bell pepper, worth 68 cents, from the cafeteria.

  • A class of flight attendants in a case involving alleged violations of California’s wage and hour laws was awarded $77 million in damages.

  • A federal jury in Pennsylvania awarded more than $6 million to a former Teva Pharmaceuticals employee. The employee claimed that the company discriminated against him on the basis of his age in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and on the basis of his national origin in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and retaliated against him for lodging internal complaints.

  • A federal jury recently awarded a female scientist $3 million for her gender discrimination claims against PPG Industries, Inc. Half of the award was for emotional distress damages.

  • A Fresno, California jury awarded nearly $8 million to a former Chipotle employee on her claim of wrongful discharge.

  • A long-time New Jersey police officer applied for a promotion to captain. On the promotion exam, he scored higher than any other applicant. He wasn’t promoted. His consolation prize, however, was a jury verdict of more than $1.2 million.

  • A 56-year old medical device sales manager obtained a $25 million jury verdict for being retaliated against and terminated following his reports of possible violations of the Anti-Kickback Law, Sunshine Act, FDA regulations and possible Sarbanes-Oxley Act violations to the company's head legal counsel.

  • In a confidential settlement obtained for a whistleblower retaliation case against a medical device company, the plaintiff was awarded $5 million.


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