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What the FIG does this have to do with my brand?

Many companies are so operationally focused that they don’t always connect the brand persona to their day-to-day processes. Our goal is to shed light in this area and equip our partners to think “brand” first. In many cases that consists of developing guidelines, brand templates, best practices and on the job training (the “teach them to fish” philosophy). This why we invoke a holistic approach to help you organize your business, products and services to balance the needs of your internal structure and maximize your guest experiences.

Competitor Analysis & Market Research

Anything they can do, we can do better. We go full on Dateline to conduct a thorough competitor and SWOT analysis to understand your business needs, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Product Portfolio

Profits and margins. You know the drill! If there’s a room for improvement, we let you know. If your product mix lost its harmony, we will find it. Essentially, we string your products, brand and strategy together like popcorn on a Christmas garland.

Marketing Strategy

Remember that tailor who somehow made those skinny jeans perfectly hug you in the right places? We’re like that tailor, but for your brand. We assess your overall strategy and tailor-fit our strategies based on the style and needs of each business.

Operations Management

Brand isn’t only about looks, your operations need to perform at the same level. We’ll make sure they align.

Employee Engagement

Much like your Grandma Pearl’s pungent perfume, your brand should permeate everything from your logo to the smile greeting your customer at the door. 

Customer Experience & Coaching

Don’t just take your opinion for it, take a walk in your customer’s shoes to get the full 360 perspective.

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