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What the FIG does this have to do with my brand?

Many companies are so operationally focused that they don’t always connect their brand to their day-to-day processes, this is especially true in today’s diverse market. They recognize this shift in the market, they want a relevant brand, they know they need a relevant brand, but they struggle to evolve. Our job is to shed light in this area and equip our partners to make a meaningful connection with their customer in today’s fast-paced and diverse marketplace. Essentially, that consists of helping our partners align the external and the internal. A new logo and a revamped website is not enough to create an authentic brand experience, the operation of the business needs to change to reflect our new reality. This is why we invoke a holistic approach to help you understand how your business, products and services remain relevant without sacrificing the core of your brand.

Competitor Analysis & Market Research

We conduct a thorough competitor and SWOT analysis to understand your business needs, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities before making any recommendations on brand strategy, diversity strategy or marketing.

Product Portfolio

Profits and margins. If there’s a room for improvement, we will let you know. If your product mix has lost its edge, if it poses a potential threat to your brand equity, we will find it. Essentially, we string your products, brand and diversity strategy together to deliver that all around good feeling.

Diversity & Inclusion

Many companies treat this as a Human Resources issue when in reality it's a CEO issue. We assess your overall brand including your customer profile and tailor-fit our diversity strategies based on the style and needs of your business.

Operations Management

Brand isn’t only about looks, your operations need to perform at the same level. We’ll make sure they align, after all, they have to deliver the customer experience (preferably with no surprises).

Employee Engagement

Your team members are an integral part of your brand experience. We help you make sure your team is a natural extension of your brand by ensuring they’re educated on brand culture, diversity and are prepared to be the best ambassadors for your brand.

Customer Experience 

We encourage you to understand your customer journey to get the full 360 perspective. We’ll walk through your brand experience from the customer’s perspective to see if you’re checking all the happy boxes and delivering consistently on your brand promise, and if not, we’ll develop a strategy for improvement. 

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