32% of Black women who’ve spoken out against bias and discrimination in the workplace have experienced retaliation, compared to 6% of white men. (McKinsey & Company)


If you engage a DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) firm to help build your diversity initiatives, and they want to talk about “belonging” - run away as fast as you possibly can!


Belonging is the newest buzzword in DEI, which already has a lot of them.  In fact, some people have started to add a B to DEI, changing the acronym to DEIB.


Frankly, we don’t believe in belonging.  Instead, we believe in inclusion.


Belonging is something you do at home.  At your church or synagogue.  At your school.  With your closest friends.  And with your extended family, if you’re fortunate enough to have one.


A business exists to make money, or to promote a cause.  In business, employees are hired to do specific jobs, perform specific tasks, and add some measure of performance to the company.  They’re not there to be coddled, or pampered, or welcomed to the bosom with open arms. If they aren’t performing and meeting expectations, they may choose to leave the company voluntarily, or they may be terminated.  Either way, they’re gone.


That’s not a culture of belonging - that’s capitalism. And that’s a good word, not a bad one.  


Inclusion, on the other hand, is a choice each company’s management team must make.  Inclusion means ensuring that equity exists, that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to and influence every part and level of a workplace.  It’s ensuring that everyone feels safe to express their opinions without fear of reprisals.  It’s the ability of management to allow people the security to fail, and learn from their mistakes. It’s about trust and acceptance.


In terms of DEI, diversity is the “what,” and inclusion is the “how.”


When we work with companies to align their diversity initiatives with their brand strategies and business goals, our objective is to help the company become a better place to work and grow its revenues and profits.  That encompasses building a culture where employees feel they’re part of a team, that they’re part of something bigger than themselves.  And we help teach them what business is all about, and why everyone and everyone’s jobs are important.


Create a culture of inclusion. Give each employee the tools to perform at their best, and you’ll have a workplace everyone can be proud of.  We can help. 
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